Culture of Petty Thieves


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released May 27, 2012

Mark Connor - Bass Guitar
Will Goodyear - Vocals, Drums, Guitar
Andy Townsend - Guitar, Synth
Cory McDonald - Circuit Bending

Recorded in April, 2012 at Warrior Sound, Chapel Hill, NC
Mixed by Al Jacob at Warrior Sound
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording, Rural Hall, NC

© Copyright by GROHG 2012



all rights reserved


GROHG Raleigh, North Carolina

Will Gooodyear (Vocals/Guitar), Mark Connor (Bass), Andy Townsend (Guitar),
Joel Willis (Drums)

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Track Name: Medium
Bull shit by the pile
The worst kind of scum alive
Teach them they're right
Teach them to fear, to hate, to waste their time
How great the lie
Escapes debate and becomes naturalized
False smiles, crazed eyes
Coral the sheep and keep them right in line
reason pushed aside
absolute truth will keep them satisfied
pour out your insides
pull out your pockets pay the rent on time
"listen to me"
"i'm closer to Him than you'll ever be"
"fall on your knees"
"make me the ruler of our fantasy"
"I'm your life line"
Track Name: Capital
Tax the peasants feed the Kings
Reward the greed admire the rings
Create a culture of petty thieves 
Blame the children. Make them pay
For your blunderous mistakes
Protect yourself from any blame
Repossess the real estate
Fucking slum lord, raise your rates
Deny the masses blame the State
Buy and sell, inflate the worth
Manipulate. Bring out the worst
Fuck the poor attack the weakest first
Track Name: Four Vials
Get dressed in useless armor
Depressed. Severely altered
Look my best. Shave the age away
Emotionless. I know the truth and that it's here to stay
Keep the pain at bay
Force a smile and wave
Eat the pills. Pull the curtains back
Motor skills. Body's slow to react
Keep the pain. Keep the pain at bay
Work again. Work another day
Track Name: The Artist's Divine Inspiration
Switch it on. Force down the history down
Find your medium
Start some fires, then put them out
Same frown. Common subjects
Paint the same town with different brushes
Your idea of beauty
Fashion Kings out of jesters
Pen the dreams of self made saviors
Make believe we are the chosen ones
Snakes and thieves, and all the rest of us
When we pretend that it's from within
We perpetuate a dying trend
Dig. Dig deep and see that we are all empty
Write about love. Write about your tears
Dumb it down some. Accessibility calms our fears
Paint a picture through the eyes of the rich
Are they your audience? Are those the ones receiving your gift?